United Market is a unique service marketplace for entrepreneurs and service providers to grow and manage their business and “side-hustles” in a safe and trustworthy environment.

A variety of service providers such as photographers, videographers, lash-tech, nail tech, music producers, music engineers, event hosts, DJs, hair stylists, barbers, estheticians, social media influencers, and many more are welcomed on our platform!

Our audience

Entrepreneurs: We welcome entrepreneurs with skills and businesses that will serve the customers on United Market. Create a profile, build your customer base, and watch your business skyrocket

Local Business Owners: As a strong supporter of local businesses, we offer our platform to local entrepreneurs. Your next-door customer is on our platform.

Millennials/College Students: Do you have a skill, are you a young business owner, or an aspiring professional? United Market was created with millennials and college students in mind to grow their business

Customers: For individuals looking to get things done in less time, we have entrepreneurs, and local businesses in your city to serve your needs

Businesses:If you already have a grown business, you can seek to build a new set of an audience using United Market.

What We Offer?

  • Organization: We will help organize your business profile on our platform in the MOST appealing and easily client capturing manner.
  • Expansion : We will help grow and expand your business or side hustle awareness reach so that you can engage and grow the type of customers that may be interested in your services.
  • More clients: We will help you grow your clientele list so that you can stay busy!
  • More money in your pocket: As you keep growing and thriving on our platform, you earn more $$$$$!
  • Safe and Trustworthy environment: United Market is a reputable marketplace for service providers. Your interests and those of your clients are protected. We will always make sure that YOU get paid on time!
  • End to End Business (Communication and Transaction): With United Market , the chain of communication is never broken. Our platform allows you to communicate with your new and current clients to offer impeccable service to them. As well as facilitate and moderate the transaction process.
  • Financial (Billing for fixed and hourly, Payment, Revenue): Get your payment or billing for services completed on a fixed or hourly basis.

Our Goal

  • Boost successful Entrepreneurs and Service Providers: Even when service providers and entrepreneurs have already attained a measure of success, the United Market platform takes them to new heights and helps them reach the apex of their entrepreneurial career.
  • Improve local economies: Local economies can be boosted and stimulated due to the reinvestment in local entrepreneurs & businesses.
  • Help our clients achieve their goals: We are there with our clients every step of the way ensuring that they achieve their personal business and side hustle goals. We want to grow the number of successful entrepreneurs and help them obtain their financial freedom goals.
our goal